Science Fiction Workshops train early childhood and elementary school teachers how to ignite the scientific imaginations of young learners using stories from children’s literature to teach chemistry, physics and weather.

Cultivating science literacy early through storytelling and easy-to-understand experiments removes the intimidation of learning complex concepts, making both teaching and studying science fun. It’s an inventive approach to launching young students on a life-long path of discovery and the opportunity to advance science for generations to come.

  • Empowers pre-kindergarten through second-grade educators, who have typically had little science training, with the ability to effectively teach complex chemistry, applied physics and weather using stories from children’s literature and age-appropriate experiments.

  • Eliminates teacher attendance boundaries and caters to preferred options for participation by offering both in-person workshops and web-based learning.

  • Cultivates multiple learning skills through lessons that encourage a child to ask questions, make observations, collect evidence and formulate explanations.

  • Satisfies multiple Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for science as well as National Science Education Standards.

For additional information, please contact:
Sasha Crabtrey, Administrator
Education Foundation of Harris County
713-696-8298 or